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You Can Go Back To The Past And Meet Your Younger Self. What Would You Tell Them To Do Differently?

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by dave, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. dave

    dave New Member

    You can go back to the past and meet your younger self. What would you tell them to do differently?
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  2. Moe

    Moe Member

    I dunno. At one point in my life I wish I had done certain things differently but now that I think about it, everything that I've done has been for a purpose. For example, I started drawing consistently when I was 22( I'm 24 now) and initially when I had started, I seen a lot of people my age who were miles ahead because while I dedicated my teenage and early adult years to sports they dedicated to art. But then again, when I was younger my interest was sports not art. So, it wouldn't have made any sense, to tell my younger self to behave differently because by doing so I would have not been following my heart. I think every experience in my life, whether it's been positive or negative, has been an opportunity for me to learn and grow so I don't regret it.
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  3. AEBL

    AEBL Active Member

    Sort of along the same lines as Moe, except art was my interest. I would have told myself not to worry about a career. I would have reassured myself that using the time I had to experiment, study and enjoy art was okay. A career would come later.

    A career did come, and now I'm catching up.
  4. Howz

    Howz New Member

    I'd tell myself to buy up all the old games and minitures I could afford.( so I can add them to my collection now) ... I think I missed the point =p
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  5. Danny

    Danny Member

    ''Find a girlfriend, loser''
  6. Bart

    Bart Member

    WAKE UP YOUNG MAN....WAKE UP! It's time to wake up!
  7. GregZhel

    GregZhel New Member

    I would tell younger me to chill. Because of the way I treated art and was stressing over it I didn't progress much and almost stopped doing it completely.