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Witch King Of Angmar, Lord Of The Nazgul, The Black Knight.

Discussion in 'Critique' started by AEBL, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. AEBL

    AEBL Active Member

    Fun fact, my favourite childhood character was the Witch King. Ever since I've been trying to create a piece of fan art that resembles how I pictured him while reading the books. Although about a year old now, this is the most recent attempt. I typically use him as a measurement of improvement, and I am nearly ready to giver' another go.

    How may I improve this time around?

    Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 11.12.25 AM.png
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  2. Andrea

    Andrea Administrator Staff Member

    Hello !

    Im not going to do a paintover, there are different solutions for some problems and its better if you decide on those by yourself.

    My advises :
    - do a master study with similar topic for value composition. your values are all over and the light source is not obvious.
    - the jaw is misplaced
    - textures: everything is the same, do some studies on fabric, metal and bones
    - no colors , it looks like when people take a photo and tone the background around the character down to black and white. if you intend to work with black and red only, still add color variation, and colored light sources
    - unfinished, the hand is just floating, and its definitely on the wrong place, nobody holds a sword like that
    - design, I like the crown, it looks great. but it doesn't fit to your character, its more like a fairy crown.

    in general, the amount of work you put into painting the details, put in the planning first.

    some example:

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  3. ilyaev

    ilyaev New Member

    The lines are quite cool and a good way to bring in the composition however, I would probably not have them over the skull. You want them to be leading to the head, but not actually distract viewers by giving lots of strange values.

    I would also work on edges, the crown feels as though its made from paper, rather than be a thick piece of metal and the edges just kind of blur.
    Apart from what Andrea has wrote, I would also focus on some material studies, is his skull red or painted red? If its red, why? Knowing why and what would do that, will help create realistic textures (I love materials <3)

    You'll get there :) Just got to keep at it!
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  4. AEBL

    AEBL Active Member

    Thank you both!