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Ubem Sketches

Discussion in 'Sketchbooks' started by Ubem, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Ambiguity

    Ambiguity New Member

    Damn dude, how do you come up with so many details? And the sense of light you have is really killer. I can't even get the light to read as light when I use a full range of values(in color at least), let alone some of the ambient, low value difference lighting you're doing in some of these.
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  2. Ubem

    Ubem Member

    @mrJB Thank you, loving those gritty designs and gestures in your latest pieces, keep it up!

    @Ambiguity Hope the reply on your sketchbook helped explain details a bit, in retrospect, I owe lighting, colors, and details to long master studies. Your latest video is great, and your voice is fantastic. Any tips on getting such high-quality audio? Didn't know you were a Heroes of the Storm fan, I was seriously addicted to that game for the longest time hehe. Which relates to having energy and stamina, I noticed when I have no games on my PC, I can work 2-3x more on art than if otherwise. But sometimes I work too much and start losing motivation to improve, then I take a break with games for a while.


    Hey everyone, sorry It's been a while since I've posted, mostly due to not having anything worthwhile to show. This past month I've focused mainly on traditional drawing, studying photos, creating my own designs, and practicing perspective forms. I feel like these are my weakest areas compared to color and lighting.

    It's been almost 4 years since I started to take art seriously and looking at my work now, I'm disappointed with my lack of progress. On the other hand, I've only been applying deliberate practice for half a year, and within that time frame, I think I've improved a bit. At which rate, I'm hoping to be at a professional level within the next year or two.

    I also bought into the iPad hype from other artists and got the latest iPad pro with Procreate, it's fantastic. But painting on it feels twice as slow compared to my desktop, at least it's great for reading and the occasional doodle.

    Here's a WIP I've been dabbling with on the side. It's giving me a lot of headaches and frustration, which is great. But it's not half done yet, my last painting felt too rushed toward the end, so I'm taking my time with this one.

    Here's the process from ugly beginnings

    Here's ugly concept art for a sci-fi game I did with an indie team. My visual library and design sense is pretty undeveloped, and I'm struggling with figuring out how to improve in that area.


    I keep forgetting to post these, here's a compilation of studies dating back from August. I miss doing these so much that I'm considering to forgo studying drawing altogether.

    I hope to post more often, looking back at everyone's support and encouragement is vitally motivating. Thanks for looking!
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  3. Ubem

    Ubem Member

    It's been a while since posting, and I've had a few realizations since then. The biggest one was how to maintain energy when doing hard work. It all comes down to maintaining glucose levels in your brain through managing eating to maintain sufficient blood sugar levels. I.e. eating more food more often. This is probably painfully obvious to most, but I always assumed it was just my scumbag brain being lazy. I've since been able to kick gaming and procrastination for good. Excess calories literally turn into motivation and energy.

    I got my first unsolicited job offer through Artstation, but I turned it down. I don't feel like my skills are there yet and it would distract me from deliberate practice. I don't really care if I make a living from art, my only desire in life is to improve so that I can create better and more beautiful art.

    Been mostly working on drawing and building a visual library, I underestimated how vital it was to painting, especially from imagination. Knowing how to draw something before trying to figure out how to paint it saves 80% of the time spent running around in circles.

    Nothing finished or portfolio worthy, just using these to identify and work on weaknesses:
    18.7s.jpg 41s.jpg 58.2s.jpg 113.47s.jpg Untitled-1s.jpg
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  4. Natalie

    Natalie New Member

    Hi Ubem!!!Dang, pushing it so hard that you just blame your brain, that's a new level there! but it's awesome that you figured out how important eating enough is!! I can only see good things coming from this haha, kicking procrastination out!! Grats on your first job offer! That's a new milestone! It's a very noble goal you have, just wanting to improve at art. I really look up to that. Your paintings are looking great! You have an amazing sense of brush strokes and color. and I agree, if you practice structure/ perspective in figure drawing, you will be absolutely golden to have a great base for painting. I can't wait to see how you progress as an artist
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  5. Ambiguity

    Ambiguity New Member

    @Ubem Thanks, and I actually have a cheap mic(this one: https://www.amazon.com/KLIM-Desktop-Microphone-Computer-Laptop/dp/B015K11VME). Since I record my audio after the fact, I just take it into audacity and let it record some static for a few seconds before I start talking. Then, I use that static to get a noise profile with Audacity's reduce noise effect, and finally select the whole track and apply the noise reduction. My settings are 32DB noise reduction, 6.00 sensitivity, and 0 freq. smoothing(not sure if that's just default, but yeah).

    As for Heroes of the Storm, I'm actually not a fan(never played it). I was just trying to appeal to popular fandoms in hopes of getting commissions, but it didn't work out at all haha. I actually haven't played a game in like 6 months, and even then it was retro games. I'd love too play more games, but I keep feeling guilty, like the reason nothing has worked out for me art wise is because of giving time to anything else.

    That angel is looking bomb af by the way. I'm a bit partial to the open leg pose though.
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  6. danielcotter

    danielcotter Administrator Staff Member

    really cool to see your process man, pretty crazy lookin'. keep it up :cool::cool:
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