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Ubem Sketches

Discussion in 'Sketchbooks' started by Ubem, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Ubem

    Ubem Member

    Wow, this place has grown amazingly well. Not too long ago there wasn't a single sketchbook thread here. I've come from Permanoobs (R.I.P. in peace) and was skeptical if this place was legit, I was glad to be proven wrong and happy to see everyone's amazing sketchbooks.

    None of this would be possible without the two founders Shu and Andrea. I think I can speak for all of us here, that we're so grateful for what you've done for the art community.

    I'm still a beginner since I've only started to practice deliberately in the past half year. But I've spent the past 3 years dabbling and not improving much. Hopefully, I can learn from you guys and maybe share some tips that I've found.

    My biggest goal is to improve through deliberate practice until I die. I guess what drives that is a simple curiosity of what can be accomplished when one dedicates their life to a single pursuit. These goals will probably change over time, but that's my current perspective.

    Here's some personal sketches from the past few months. 3.24ss.jpg 26.1ss.jpg MidasFinal9.jpg 5.4ss.jpg

    Master studies:
    View attachment 971 masterstudy21.jpg 2.5ss.jpg 19ls.jpg
    And a process video of the most recent master study:
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  2. Natalie

    Natalie New Member

    Welcome Ubem! Glad to see you're on here too now :D those paintings r sexy. Love your brushwork on the skull study oh and your sense of color and light. Cant wait to see more omgg.
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  3. Andrea

    Andrea Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome Ubem ! glad to have you here :)
    I remember your sketchbook from perma :)
    yeah starting from zero is not easy to this point, and its not like perma users were so active to begin with :D But im happy with what we have and its only going to grow from here. We are prepared for long term plans :)
    What I see as next step is giving a finished look to your illustrations and just..making more . What you have in value and design are pretty advanced already. Im missing bounce light and rim light everywhere though, overcast light, fresnel effect, composition planning, balance between sharp and lost edges
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  4. AEBL

    AEBL Active Member

    Dang. Carry on.
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  5. Ubem

    Ubem Member

    @Natalie Thanks for the compliments, glad to see your sketches too. Loving the effort and volume of sketches you're putting out there. And your line quality is top notch, I'm inspired to draw more, keep up the great work.

    @Andrea Thanks for being one of the pillars of this sweet forum, it's flourishing fantastically thanks to you. Amazing feedback, couldn't agree more with all those points, and the paint over is a huge improvement in the composition. Those still life studies are gorgeous, I hope to see those crispy textures being applied to your own paintings. Your work ethic is also insane, hope I reach that level of productivity one day.

    @AEBL Thanks for stopping by, will do. Loving the tat designs, I want to apply that type of ornate detail into my own paintings. Can't wait to see what you make next, keep up those good studies.

    Sorry for the late response, it's just I had nothing original to show for a while. I've been focusing on studies, trying to learn how to paint landscapes. But here are a couple fun test sketches to find out what I'm still weak at; I've found my lack of a visual library is holding me back the most, along with not having the motivation to "finish" a piece, and macro-compositional values.

    I'm also only showing some of the best pieces out of dozens of failed sketches done over the past month. So I've decided to upload most of my bad sketches on google drive: All Art - Google Drive
    I've always wanted to see what an artist's journey looked like but it was impossible to find. Hopefully, this is an effort for a more transparent and open art community.

    The pig and environment sketch I might be abandoning since I figured out what I needed to study next after analyzing them. The last piece is an Eytan Zana study, learned so much about rendering grass.
    31 - Copy.jpg

    Thanks for looking!
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  6. Andrea

    Andrea Administrator Staff Member

    @Ubem haha thx Im flattered ! Your studies are incredible, and you can share the ones you don't think too highly of too, this is a place for good or bad anyway, not a competition ( I dont see any problem with them anyway). I think it's important that people see the amount of work that goes into just failing a lot before you figure something out, because there are a lot of misconception about art out on the net. Plus it's pretty important what you do now, I wanna start on something similar soon now that Im done with the life study challenge, because composition doesnt come from those XD
    Somebody said it somewhere, can't remember, its more important to get good before applying to jobs and taking your time with just learning, so..I can relate to why you don't finish pictures yet, it's annoying when you are still missing something for it. So my point is, just do it the way that suits you.
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  7. Ubem

    Ubem Member

    @Andrea I definitely agree that it's important to see the failures and the successes of all artists, we all benefit from learning from them. I'd love to share literally everything, but I'm afraid of clogging up the sketchbook with uninteresting work, so I thought to share the google drive folder was a happy medium. If there's anything I could nitpick about your non-life study drawings, it's that the proportions don't seem 100% accurate and I think it's affecting your personal designs. Maybe holding up drawings right against the reference to compare the differences or scanning it and doing a photo overlay could be something you focus on next. I think that was Noah Bradley who said getting a little good first before seeking clients would make everything easier, but I could be wrong. Thanks for dropping by, can't wait to see yours and everyone else's Inktober's if participating.


    I don't have any ink pens, let alone a camera to post Inktober sketches. But I really want to participate since this is a perfect way to practice designing quickly. So instead, I'll start my own poor man's Paintober. I'm starting early to test the waters and want to get an idea of how far I can go before burning out while doing studies on the side.

    My goals for Paintober are to become a little faster and improving my design sense. Doodling from imagination is surprisingly easy compared to the grueling master studies, but I think the biggest difficulties are going to be the limited time to render and lack of a broad visual library.

    Here's day negative 2:

    Paintober day -2.jpg
    Ouch, this looks really ugly. I'm uploading it as small as possible to hide the unholy lack of edge control, going to have to work more on brush economy. I got a lot of great feedback on my last environment, and the biggest issue was not zooming out enough, resulting in a terrible unreadable thumbnail. Hope this is a better attempt, thanks for looking!
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  8. olly

    olly Member

    Wow man, those pieces are so dope, and the studies are pretty nice too. Maybe training design in a simpler focused way is something to work on next, like doing lines or simpler block-in designs? Just learning those cool shapes.

    I think the main thing about your enviros, something that took me way too long to figure out, is that there's too much noise everywhere, it's like everywhere is a focal point with stuff to say. Your first paintings of the centaur are better but I have the feeling if there were trees behind it, you would be rendering every branch and leaf on there to the point where there's no negative space to let the eyes breathe. You can see this in the Eytan Zana study and Ruan Jia is especially good at this, making sure 60-70% of the piece is just just empty negative space. Of course there's no rules to painting design, and so there's a lot of gd master paintings out there that use pattern as negative space, though it definitely works a whole lot better on a huge canvas than on a small digital jpeg sadly. The Solomon J Solomon study actually works better at this size than the original does for me, because of this, is this blasphemy to say? haha

    Love the colours you're using and your sense of light is brilliant btw.
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  9. Ubem

    Ubem Member

    @olly Thanks Olly, great to see you on the forums. Your Spellstrike concepts were a direct inspiration in creating my castle temple piece, so it's an honor to hear your feedback. You're spot on, I'm having a lot of trouble creating an obvious focal point with breathability while still maintaining interesting detail to move the eye around. I think the Solomon J Solomon piece works well because the figures mesh well as a large mass, while still maintaining anatomical interesting detailed when seen close up. Can't wait to see more of those beautifully accurate sketches, and thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.


    Sorry in advance, there's going to be a lot of bad art since it's only day 2/33 of Paintober. And I'm toning down the complexity due in part to the time limits. The pose and anatomy feel off in this one, I hope it works compositionally at least. I also miss working on a piece over the period of weeks, I feel that's where my best results come from. 79.jpg
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  10. danielcotter

    danielcotter Administrator Staff Member

    Very cool, love your stuff! Saw your sb on permanoobs once, glad to see you're active on here.

    I think you could maybe think a little more about shape design. I dunno how much thought you put into the shape of the flowing dress in the last one for instance, but I think it could be a little more attractive if it were simplified a little. Perhaps designed with more purpose.

    I'm hyped for your paintober stuff! keep em comin', man.
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  11. olly

    olly Member

    Thanks man, in this newer piece I'd just say the cropping doesn't lend itself to the gesture of the figure, which is this beautiful arc top-left to bottom-right. but the pic looks especially lovely, I prefer it simple like this to be honest, blurring my eyes I can see what lovely values and colours there is. Maybe you could simplify some of the tonal shapes on the arms and such, but it's nitpicking.
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  12. mrJB

    mrJB Active Member

    Some nice works in this thread! How much time did you spend on the last one? Values and colours are really good. I also like the gesture of the figure. The only thing I would point out - it has some minor anatomy/perspective issues (I think the other hand should be visible, and something bothers me about her shoulder and right foot area). Other than that, fantastic work.
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  13. Ubem

    Ubem Member

    @cotterdude Thanks for dropping by with the great critique. You're definitely right, I put no thought into designing the overall shape of the dress. Love the edges and lighting in that last painting you posted. Sorry to hear about your wrist. I avoid traditional mediums for exactly that reason, it's too stressful on my arm compared to the easy glazing of a Wacom pen. Wish you a speedy recovery!

    @olly Thanks for the critique, you've been an incredible help again. I couldn't figure out a way to crop the piece without losing that breathability, and a great eye for spotting the tonal shapes on the arm, I completely missed that. I really appreciate all this help, can't thank you enough.

    @mrJB Thank you, the last one probably 2-3 hours, but it's hard to say exactly for I take frequent breaks in between. Great ideas, I tried to include the other hand for the longest time, but I couldn't find a placement that felt 'natural'. Definitely some huge lack of perspective and anatomy, that's an area I've been avoiding for awhile and is hard to nail down in just a couple hours. I gotta say, your drawings are mind-blowingly great, the proportions, design, and posing are all fantastic. It seems like your values get pushed a little too far in some piece, but I'm sure you'll get there soon. Thanks again for the wonderful feedback!

    Really wish I could work more on this, but my brain is starting to burn out a bit.
    Tweaked the last piece a bit thanks to everyone's amazing feedback, hope it's an improvement.
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  14. Vannn

    Vannn Member

    I think I remember following your book, nice edges!
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  15. mrJB

    mrJB Active Member

    @Ubem thank you for kind words. I'm still noob in perspective/anatomy department so I constantly grind those fundamentals. I really like how painterly your works feel and how you distribute details. And yes, my values are usually pushed, good pointer!
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  16. Ubem

    Ubem Member

    @Vannn Thanks a ton, working at really high resolutions help a bit. Congrats on the sale last month, can't wait to see more awesome inktober sketches!

    @mrJB It looks like you've made some great headway when it comes to anatomy and proportions, definitely need to start imitating the studies you do. Glad there's some semblance of detail, I really miss digging into a piece for hours on end with infinite details. Glad that helped, your style and subject matter really reminds me of Timofey Stepanov, keep up the great dailies!


    I learned that starting a piece with a drawing instead of blobs of color saves hours. With that technique, I feel I can make it through the month. Finishing this one early, want to get it off my plate to do more studies. Not too happy with how I handled the shape of the lit area on the bridge though.

    *This is going to be my last post, but I'm still going to continue the Paintober challenge since I'm learning a lot. I'll only upload to the google drive folder. The quality of these paintings is just too low to update regularly, thanks everyone for the critiques and support!
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2017
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  17. mrJB

    mrJB Active Member

    Thanks for kind words. I guess we have the same inspiration with beastly Timofey (this guy works are just incredible!) - dark fantasy themes, ds, bloodborne, mythology, some slavic and lovecraftian vibes.

    As for painting - yeah, quick sketch helps to save a lot of time, especially in landscapes and architecture. As you've mentioned, light shapes could use some work to show the forms (volumes and depth) of the castle better. I really like your colours!
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  18. Feedington

    Feedington New Member

    Hi @Ubem!
    I don't know If you remember me, I critiqued your Shirtless armorpants dude some time ago over on Reddit ArtCrit or somesuch. Your stuff is pretty damn amazing, I must say. Looking forward to seeing more stuff, man!
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  19. Ubem

    Ubem Member

    @mrJB Your latest Inktobers are fantastically designed, love the diversity of their personalities. Can't wait to see the rest!

    @Feedington Ah, that's why your so name looked familiar. I appreciate that crit a while back, thanks for dropping by! Can't wait to see more posts on your sketchbook too.

    I'm glad to work on something for more than a day. This was also a great way to build my mental stamina. Looks like I need to practice my perspective more.

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  20. mrJB

    mrJB Active Member

    Woah, the colours in this waterfall scene... great job!
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