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The Frozen Dude

Discussion in 'Critique' started by Fesbra, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Fesbra

    Fesbra New Member

    Hey guys I'm posting some late progress of a forgotten personal image I started. Of course critiques are very welcome. Just don't think I'm gonna listen on every one of them so i know you guys can keep it civil. like... this shit ain't facebook. right? (am I getting crucified yet? no?)


    hre we go.

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  2. Leo

    Leo New Member

    Welcome to the forum! Can you tell us more on the backstory? The composition looks solid to me. You could play more with light going through the ice but how exactly depends on the backstory and whether you want to glorify or shame the character, or other mood you want to convey.
  3. Fesbra

    Fesbra New Member

    Hey man! Yeah, well I didn't think that much about it but I think that as the story went through I wanted to portrait a warrior that became a king and literally the throne froze around him by some reason. I like to think that maybe it's a metaphor for a sacrifice that people have to do to overcame a great responsibility or power.
    I was also thinking to put some frozen people in the foreground to give more resonance to this dude and size comparison. Above from that, playing more with the light coming through is a good call. It could give me a nice array of other colors and get the monochromatic feel out of the way. Like pinks or yellows. But yeah, this image is intended to be more... silent and depressing than glorious and uplifting.