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Portfolio Feedback

Discussion in 'Critique' started by Kinsara, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Kinsara

    Kinsara New Member

    I just got into my dream Illustration program--well, one part of it anyway. My uni has an illustration BA, but also a BFA that you can only apply to after getting into the BA. I want to improve as much as I possibly can before it's time for me to apply for the BFA and I know critique is one of the #1 ways to do that.

    I know I have so much to work on, it's hard to know where to start. Please don't feel the need to sugarcoat.

    Here is a link to the portfolio on Facebook--it should be public. I'll try to upload the images here too, hopefully they won't be too big...

    Betta Merman.png Design commission - Eirianell.png Design commission - Kabukimono.png Falltime Rayne.png Figure Drawing 1.JPG Figure Drawing 2.JPG Figure Drawing 3.JPG Gesture Drawings 2.png Hamadraiad.png i am not alone.jpg Leading Edge cover.png Leading Edge insert 1.png Locus portrait.png Miltoniopsis commission.png Nara commission 4.png Peony portrait.png Rain deity.png Rosa Sylvana.png
  2. AEBL

    AEBL Active Member

    Congratulations on entry into an illustration program! How many years will you be studying before moving forward? You will certainly gain a lot of practice and knowledge during this time, and perhaps you should try not to get too far ahead of yourself. You're just reaching the first steps, enjoy what they have to offer you!

    That being said, do you have your course outline? My suggestion is to follow the study schedule, and do a little research on the side. Plan around classes and lectures to incorporate more in depth knowledge of whatever aspect you may be interested in.

    I feel anything I have to say about your work you're either already aware of or are about to be taught otherwise. Ask your peers for critiques as well - they may be better able to help. You should also start up a sketchbook here if you haven't already.

    1. I would expect to see more polished scenes from an Illustrators portfolio. That being said, I'm not sure what you're gearing towards.
    2. Your abilities are not consistent throughout. I have this issue as well. This will come with practice and hard work!
    3. I can tell you're a Lolish fan. Upon seeing this I would not hire you, I would hire Lolish. Find a way to incorporate what you enjoy about their style to help build your own.

    I hope I have helped. I really love the Murman and the Meltoniopsis. Looking forward to seeing more and welcome to SL!
  3. Kinsara

    Kinsara New Member

    Thank you! I'm terribly excited. My university offers a BA and a BFA both; I'm currently in the BA and still have to apply for the BFA in a year. If I don't get into the BFA, I'll be here for a year and a half longer, and if I do then I'll be here for probably two and a half years longer. After that, I'm thinking about building up my portfolio and then seeing if I can get into a graduate program somewhere... (LCAD and FZD are top on my list BUT it's a very distant dream).

    Anyway, thank you for your feedback! I'll definitely start looking into doing more research on the side with my courses, especially since the library has a really big section of art resources.

    As for the notes you made, I just wanted to clarify a few things so I can make sure to work on them:
    -When you say my abilities aren't consistent, do you mean that my style isn't the same or some drawings seem more skilled than others? I suppose both are true but I wanted to make sure which you were referring to.
    -I am actually not that big of a fan of Loish, ha ha! I do love her art but it's not one I've drawn a lot of inspiration from. I assume you mean that I should work on developing my style into something more unique, do you have any suggestions on how to go about doing that?
  4. Howz

    Howz New Member

    I think the first thing I would suggest to improve this portfolio is to center it around a theme/ project be it your work on characters or world building it needs somthing to tie all of it together. This will also help you alot when talking at an interview as you will have a story you can follow/ practice.