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Kai's Sketchbook

Discussion in 'Sketchbooks' started by Kai, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. Kai

    Kai Member

    I'm getting back to trying to hold myself to a schedule of posting sketches, so this forum has great timing! I'm Kai, I'm from Texas, and I have a bad habit of forgetting about my sketchbook threads on other forums - so I'm going to make a concerted effort to come back and update this one.

    Starting off with stuff done over the last week, the little studies (each of those pages in the compilations are my 5x8 pad for size reference) are a bit rough - trying to bridge the gap I have between polished perspective done with digital tools/sketchup and my thumbnails. It's slow-going with a lot of glaring inaccuracies but I'm at least starting to feel more confident with handling it on the fly. A study from a photo, a quick still life of my desk, and a sketch of an oc.

    perspectivetotal2.jpg perspectivetotal3.jpg photostudy1.jpg study2.jpg dominik.jpg

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  2. Andrea

    Andrea Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Kai, welcome to sketchlab !
    Yes we very much would like you to update a lot :D Also feel free to share older works too, I looked around on your sites, there are a lot of good looking things ! How much time do you spend on daily practice ?
  3. danielcotter

    danielcotter Administrator Staff Member

    Hey cool stuff, keep us updated!
  4. Kai

    Kai Member

    Thanks guys!

    I don't really have a dedicated amount per day, since I mostly have time available on weekends. I get a little scared I think to set a concrete schedule for weeknights because it stresses me out more when I can't meet it due to outside factors.

    Assorted pencil studies, photo study, selfie study, and a couple of referenced doodles. I'll try to bring more for the next one, see where I can find a better way to make use of my time. studies3.jpg photostudy2.jpg selfstudy.jpg sketches.jpg
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  5. AEBL

    AEBL Active Member

    Great great studies. I especially like that landscape. You seem to get so much done despite not having a schedule- share your secrets! Haha
  6. Kai

    Kai Member

    Thanks Aebl! I need to do more landscapes, they make me think a lot about edges and the way values wrap around shapes. I think I'm lagging behind on those fronts right now. Tried to take some time to do a picture of an OC (shouldn'ta done a self portrait, now the secret that he's a mary sue that looks suspiciously like me is out of the bag) to practice edges and brush strokes but it got away from me. I think it was about 4-5 hours in total?

    studies4.jpg studies5.jpg bruise.jpg
  7. Ruthan

    Ruthan New Member

    Awww these poses are great! I really like these lines. :3 And the brushwork on the girl sitting in the middle of a basketball court is very cool, nice variety of soft and hard edges. I feel like the last portrait of a muscled guy needs some more definition to all of the shapes, mostly for the muscles and head-neck connection I think, but anyway, cool stuff, keep it coming!
  8. irismuddy

    irismuddy New Member

    hey cool stuff~ great efforts in gettin gud
    I think try more environment and desk study stuff and things like that, those seem a little bit mushy and could use some more awareness of like, the solidity of each element if that makes sense
  9. Andrea

    Andrea Administrator Staff Member

    nice pile with the amount of time you have ! :eek:
    the gestures feel stiff to me, you focus on the details a lot but the overall pose is not fluid enough. maybe try to do a simplified version of the structure first, like boxes and cylinders, beans
    good job regardless, its getting there :)
  10. Kai

    Kai Member

    Thank you guys all so much! I'm gonna get some more painted stuff done in the immediate future, definitely have some things to work on there.

    Tried some 1-min warm-ups before doing figures this time. They're ugly but in the interest of pressuring myself to do more I'm gonna post them anyways.

    Then some sketches for inktober, going to try it with a few days at least to play with some new things, but I'm "cheating" and doing most of the sketches beforehand. studies8.jpg studies9.jpg studies6.jpg studies7.jpg inktober.jpg
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  11. Kai

    Kai Member

    15-40 minutes on most (but a lot of that was painting and repainting dumb tiny crap until I made myself stop that after the fourth one, because the third one took as long as any two in the latter half put together).

    These make me look pretty bad but I figured if I showed you guys anyways it would give me incentive to do more that are less embarrassing. Tried to just push the immediate block-in of the shapes and stuff, but it really shows off how much I over depend on rendering and pre-planning on studies and paintings. Threw up the ref images too because it really gives some clarity to what I struggle with the most. xiistudies.jpg xiistudies2.jpg
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  12. AEBL

    AEBL Active Member

    That's not 'cheating', that is cheating! Haha, enjoying the continued efforts - they're paying off!
  13. Kai

    Kai Member

    @AEBL - Haha thanks. I'll see if my cheating helps me stay on target for it or if I get frustrated at trying to stick to things that worked best in pencil lol

    @SJZ - Yeah, I love that about you guys. Other places, I always feel like I have to only show what worked well for me, or else folks won't even give me the time of day to help me on the things that aren't working. Which is pretty self-defeating.

    Speaking of things that didn't go well, I tried doing some time-limited photo studies and going faster was not the solution one bit. I need to find some way to avoid rendering stuff to death to hide my mistakes, but this isn't it. I'll try to have more next time, but I didn't want to let too much time go by without a post.

    photostudies5.jpg bottle.jpg
  14. AEBL

    AEBL Active Member

    If it helps, I don't have my glasses on and I cannot tell which is the study and which is the photo. Must be doing something right!
  15. Imbalantus

    Imbalantus Member

    Great work! The recent gestures look a lot better, much better fluidity and the lineweight isn't as static. Colours are spot on in the studies.
  16. Kai

    Kai Member

    Forgive me father for I have sinned it has been far too long lol

    I have more stuff I think in sketchbooks I'll look for but I'm gonna post what's on my phone to incentivize myself to come back and update more. Mostly inktober and a painting that took a lot longer than it would've if I'd planned it better

    ink1.jpg ink2.jpg ink3.jpg ink4.jpg ink5.jpg ink6.jpg ink7.jpg ink8.jpg INK9.jpg ink10.jpg ink11.jpg ink12.jpg ink13.jpg ink14.jpg ink15.jpg finishedroquemedium.jpg 187db483-034a-46b3-8369-2fa6a7b5dc21.jpg
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  17. Kai

    Kai Member

    Everything else from oct/nov I think, since that one painting with all the figures took up an oversized portion of my time. Maybe regressing a little on figure work since I didn't do as much of it. First two images = studies, second two = from imagination

    sketch23.jpg sketch24.jpg sketch22.jpg sketch21.jpg
  18. Kai

    Kai Member

    Didn't have as much free time at home for a while as I wanted, so nothing digital for a while. Gotta get on that now that stuff is back to normal. studies10.jpg studies11.jpg studies12.jpg studies13.jpg studies14.jpg sketches1.jpg
  19. Kai

    Kai Member

    assorted studies, devilman crybaby fanart farts, and sketches for tabletop characters/npcs. I've been feeling a lot like I'm not seeing enough progress overall but there's so many different things I'm struggling with that it's hard to hyperfocus on just one and try and power through it. I need to figure out where to make more time for practice. I'm glad to have this place, it's nice to see all the work laid out before me as accountability.

    statueyikes.jpg materials-study.jpg ryo.jpg afuckingdelight.jpg disbitch.jpg greys'syn.jpg
  20. Kai

    Kai Member

    Gonna try and find what's been done since the last one to get me started back up to date and motivate me to get more work done. Poor quality on a lot of these since I'm going off quick photos - I lost the physical originals for the pencil and pen stuff but posting it reminds me to do more.

    Some different rendering and processes I wanted to play with and a couple of challenges.

    photo3.jpg photo4.jpg photo5.jpg photo1 - Copy.jpg photo2 - Copy.jpg ewcity.jpg Untitled-3.jpg comps.jpg palacee.jpg FINISHED.jpg finished (2).jpg dumbboy.jpg aqua.jpg 20180407_022146.jpg reg2 - Copy.jpg