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Inktober 2017

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by FickleFlame, Aug 17, 2017.

  1. FickleFlame

    FickleFlame Member

    I'm actually going to do Inktober this year. Anyone wanna join?
  2. Are you thinking of having everyone posting in the thread everyday for October?
  3. Coffee

    Coffee Administrator Staff Member

    How about a dedicated place inside challenges forum itself where people can maimtain their one thread and update it everyday like sketchbooks
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  4. Y
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  5. Andrea

    Andrea Administrator Staff Member

    Did it last year, definitely gonna do this year too !
    btw I think on thread is enough, most people only does 2-3 pictures :D not an easy challenge for sure
    could you add 2017 to the title? hope to do this next year too
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  6. Coffee

    Coffee Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, that's good too. We don't have enough activity anyways just yet. Will feature this thread on the homepage so everyone notices. But just before October starts
  7. MikeWest

    MikeWest Member

    I'm so in!
  8. Styxcolor

    Styxcolor Member

    I'm gladly in as well :)
    Although I can't guarantee I'll have a sketch for every day.
    I'll have a new job starting in October and I can't tell how much time I'll have.
  9. Jelly

    Jelly New Member

    I'll take any excuse to spill some ink.
  10. Belza

    Belza Member

    Did last year. I'm up for it! :)
  11. AEBL

    AEBL Active Member

    I should try, especially because it will be awful. Lets see how this goes lol
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  12. Enydimon

    Enydimon Member

    I've completed Inktober about 3 years in a row now and am planning to keep going in some form this year too.

    The hardest part for me wasn't finishing a new piece every day but coming up with ideas. It's really easy to phone things in and have the quality drop off, so I think planning in advance might be useful for me this year. I also may or may not be more busy than usual around that time, so I might focus on quality over quantity. Technically Inktober doesn't have to be about doing a new ink drawing every day, it's just using the month as a means to practise inking specifically.

    Here are a list of tools I've used in past Inktobers:
    - Staedtler Pigment Liner 0.3
    - Pentel Brush Pen
    - Kuretake Sumi Brush Pen
    - Sharpies of varying thicknesses and colours (Reds and metallic colours.)
    - Pilot HI-TEC-C Maica 03 (Very thin point but found it difficult to control without being jittery.)

    Tools I want to use this year that I now have:
    - Kuretake Disposable Pocket Double-Sided Brush Pen - Fine & Medium
    - Zebra Disposable Brush Pen - Super Fine

    I also want to get some proper metallic ink pens as the sharpie ones aren't as nice at all. I am excited to use the disposable pens this year, though, as I think they solve my issue with thin lines.

    Does anyone have suggestions for paper? Ordinarily I use Strathmore Bristol, but you usually have to either draw on the back of used pages or buy more than one. I'm trying to find some potentially better options.
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  13. Vhalesa

    Vhalesa Member

    I want to join in, as well. Did it last year combined with an Drawlloween challenge, which was lots of fun. Guess I want a theme list for this year, too, because coming up with ideas is definitely an hard part.
  14. Thanatos Iruga

    Thanatos Iruga New Member

    I participated last year in Sketchember (September) and Inktober, so you can count on me o/
  15. kram76

    kram76 New Member

    Definitely will be trying to Ink this tober. I always do a couple days then i burn and crash.:(
  16. Le Grèbe

    Le Grèbe New Member

    I will try to do it this year too !!

    I'll probably focus on figure studies. :)
  17. Karidyas

    Karidyas New Member

    For those saying they burn out because coming up with original ideas 30 days in a row is the hard part, Jake Parker who runs the thing usually puts out a prompt list. Usually the entries are a bit vague like "friendly", so I found it most helpful to combine his one with another that äppeals to you and is a bit more solid/literal. There's a ton of 30 day challenge lists out there, like last year I did witches.

    It might seem a bit limiting to wrangle two prompt lists, but necessity is the mother of invention - I actually found working within narrow parameters more helpful for coming up with one interesting idea every day than having it more open ended.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2017
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  18. AEBL

    AEBL Active Member

    I might be cheating, but I'm thinking about focusing on one topic the whole month.

    Wondering if we're getting a special thread similar to our sketchbooks? I think this is a nice idea.

    Advice for paper or a specific sketchbook? This will mark my first year participating.
  19. Mopey

    Mopey New Member

    I hope to get home in time to grab my sketchbook for ink, and do it
  20. I'm considering taking part in Inktober. Pen and ink is one of my primary mediums I work in, so I might try and do something a bit different like brush and ink or washes, maybe. What's everyone here planning to use?