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Suggestion Image Stream Of New Uploads

Discussion in 'Feedback / Suggestions' started by Ubem, Mar 11, 2018.

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  1. Ubem

    Ubem Member

    I've had this idea for some time:

    Having a sketchbook image stream that shows images posted to sketchbooks (or sitewide), exactly like the last replies box, but only images. And when we click on an image or thumbnail, we could be taken directly to that post.

    It may grant more views for newcomers and beginners, and lets us more easily critique on things we feel comfortable with. It can also be addicting, similar to social media, allowing for more discussion and site activity.

    I got the idea because it feels cumbersome to click on sketchbook links and scroll all the way down. Or to click on the last replies link, not knowing if we'll see images or not.

    The accessability and ease of uploading on sketchlab makes it by far my favorite art forum. I'm genuinely grateful for all the great work put into building this site, thanks Shu!
  2. pableaux

    pableaux New Member

    Yeah, I've thought the same thing about all art forums, and tried to come up with a layout to suggest how it could work, but then realized ZBrush Central had already figured it out: ZBrushCentral Community Forum (scroll down to the pinterest-style thumbnails)

    The first image in a new post is shown, and if you hover over it, you get left/right arrows to see the rest of the images in that post. To see full size, just click the thumbnail to go to the thread. On the thumbnail page, you also see the latest replies after the artist's newest image post. Basically a social feed.
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