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Hi Greetings Art Is Not Easy... Just Like Life

Discussion in 'Art Talk' started by exemon, Jul 17, 2020.

  1. exemon

    exemon New Member

    hi, thanks for starting tjis forum

    i was looking for conceptart org and permanoobs and found this

    the layout is amazing i love it

    to start of new, just wondering
    if thre is a way to assure precise linework of a certain object, like propellers or motorbike wheel, and from different angles like...curvilinear angle from lower worm eye?

    somehow i used basic construction grids and the image looks wrong too often and i dont know how to fix or find the better result... no reference used because no reference exist...

    again i was told technical drawing is the place to go but it is hard and confusing and the mathematics are not very easy to understand..

    cheers i look for you answers...