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Help With The Pose Of My Painting, Plz!

Discussion in 'Critique' started by ilyaev, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. ilyaev

    ilyaev New Member

    Hey, so I've been working on this and its not reallllly what I had in mind, I can't seem to get the composition nice and the tail is being a pain in the arse.

    Does anyone have any critiques to help out? I would be grateful <3



    Honestly, I'm like 80% away from scrapping it, so any feedback would help. Or if I should just go back to the drawing board and start again?
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  2. I think you should redo the pose. You have conflicting elements in the pose. The head is very lifted upwards, so it looks like the head belongs to a body that is standing straight with the feet pointing to the bottom of the pond. And the rest of the body is in contrast to as it is laying sideways. The head is also way to big for the body.

    Get some reference and do a couple of sketches, cartoons and such to really figure out how it will be. I think the problem is in the process where you haven't really figured out and preperated for the final image leaving you to have to do adjustments on the final image which is not preferable as a lot of time goes wasted.