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Give Me Some Feedback On My Portfolio?

Discussion in 'Critique' started by ilyaev, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. ilyaev

    ilyaev New Member

    Hey this is my first post here but I've chatted with Shu and maybe some other people too! (I'm known as coffee elsewhere <:) Anyhu! I have a portfolio and I would love some feedback. I'm currently doing some 3D pieces now, I want to create an asset pack (probably just give away free) to show my 3D abilities and texturing and such. I've made games previously, and was involved in a games competition.

    I've been working abroad but want to move back home and get a job in games (preferably a smaller company, so that I can inject some of myself into the project ). Annnyway, any feedback?

    I have a deviantart and artstation (ilyaev.deviantart.com/) and my usual handle is @ilyaev I say this because you may find that some other old pieces are better had?

    What feedback would I like?

    Basically, whats missing? I want to show I'm a full range artist, what can I do to show that.
    Is the layout crap? Did you notice that there are 2 portfolio pages?
    any other feedback?

    Love you all <3

    Portfolio :


    A painting, because I recently finished it. So why not? Feel free to slaughter this too <3
  2. Vhalesa

    Vhalesa Member

    I didn't notice, that there were two pages, just got back to look at it. And I must say, I do like the second page more. Don't know why exactly, but I guess it's because of the following:
    One the first page you have lots of paintings of pretty girls, but they kinda look like they're posing for a picture and have the same slightly sad expression. On the second page there's more variation, what makes it more interesting to look at. Also the girls are a bit more in action and interact with their weapons. I would like to see more pictures with action or story maybe, that would make it more interesting for me. And what about scenery? I saw some in your deviantart and liked them, why aren't they in your portfolio, since you want to show your full range? (But I don't know much about portfolio stuff, just my personal opinion, hope it helps a bit.)
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  3. ilyaev

    ilyaev New Member

    Well I like painting ladies, but yeah I was worried about that. Its fun to do so I do a lot of it in my free time, but I do also work with clients and stuff. My backgroun
  4. Hey, nice painting, here are a few quick notes:

    Your image is very iconic, strongly symmetrical, but the symmetry is just a bit off and the components are organised in such a way that none of the focal points aligns with the interesting information. You can pull that off in a more dynamic picture (although you probably wouldn't want to, anyway) but because of how static and central this composition is, the problem is worse. Another issue is readability: because in the West we read from left to right, the viewer is going to enter the image from the left and move across to the right; in your illustration, the strong vertical gesture of the moon, the frame and the low-value background create a tremendously powerful focus which distracts from the subject's face. The overall values are a bit too dark, and the saturation is too even.

    2.jpg 0.jpg

    I made some super quick (and rather messy) changes:

    *Fixed the symmetry of the composition so it's more appealing.
    *The arms were a bit too long, so I changed them (I left the stylisation of the face unchanged cause it was more or less in proportion).
    *Flipped the moon, so it welcomes the eye into the image instead of stopping it.
    *Changed the value and saturation so they lead the eye towards the subject.

    edit: sorry if it looks like I'm whitewashing your character, that's not my intention, I'm just making a point about values.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2017
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  5. ilyaev

    ilyaev New Member

    Not at all these were some great thoughts that I had never considered before! Thank you! I'll make adjustments tonight :)
  6. Andrea

    Andrea Administrator Staff Member

    Hey @ilyaev
    I took a look at your sites, if you aim for game companies, you need to show a more targeted portfolio
    what you have now is nice, buts its 100 comfort zone painting for fun and mostly illustrative (heavily inspired by loish)
    for characters you need bigger variety, different types, different styles, more finished looking rendering even if its a cartoony style ( best to choose a company before you apply and match your portfolio to what they do )
    some textures, vehicles, creatures, plants, background painting. you need to be braver with shapes and design, you are playing in the safe zone and its boring. boring as I have seen it many times already. values need to be pushed
    I also have the feeling you chose to render in a certain simplified style because you don't know how to push it more and if I wanted to hire you I would wanna see how far you are willing to wander and what ideas you can bring to the table . you need to add more storytelling. tell a story that people would wanna play in a game, give them emotions
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  7. ilyaev

    ilyaev New Member

    Thank you! I will work on all these points :)