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Flay's Sketchbook

Discussion in 'Sketchbooks' started by Flay, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. Flay

    Flay New Member

    Hi I'm Flay. I'm trying to learn, very slowly. Any critiques would be hugely appreciated!

    Here's a 60 minute study from today:

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  2. AEBL

    AEBL Active Member

    Hello Flay, welcome to SL! What are you current goals? The study looks pretty good. I haven't any criticisms. Looking forward to seeing more.
  3. Andrea

    Andrea Administrator Staff Member

    Hello flay !
    welcome to sketchlab :D

    nice study ! as for critique, I think its better to aim for more values and story telling, this one is very dark, and the reason it still works is because everything around the guy is blurred out, you immediately look at sharp details
    so it its value study go for bigger variety and try to understand whats the values role in the composition
  4. Flay

    Flay New Member

    Hey thanks for the feedback! You make a really good point. For a while I've been focusing on improving my edges, because that was something I was struggling with, but I shouldn't lose focus of the whole.

    My goal is to draw/paint for a living, preferably as a concept artist for video games. I feel like my strengths are perspective and environments, and my weaknesses (which I really want to work on) are anatomy and characters, as well as being really slow.

    Anyway here's a 45 minute study from today:

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  5. Flay

    Flay New Member

    60 minute study

  6. Flay

    Flay New Member

    45 minute study. That nose is all kinds of messed up

  7. danielcotter

    danielcotter Administrator Staff Member

    Hey, pretty accurate for the short time you're spending on 'em. I'd like to see you applying them tho, you know, doing a painting from imagination straight after, using the same lighting setup. It really helps seal it into your brain. Keep it up!
  8. Flay

    Flay New Member

    Thanks! Thanks a good point, I should try to be a bit more focused with my studies.

    Here's an image I'm working on at the moment... Not sure I'm feeling it any more but I should take it to completion.


    And a 45 minute study from today

  9. Raedrob

    Raedrob New Member

    Hello there, studies are looking good! Cool to see someone with the same weaknesses and strengths as me (except I suck at perspective!). I think the piece you're working on is looking really good, I love how you've rendered the fire. You could do some backlighting or just a rim light to make the character a bigger focal point. Keep up the good work!
  10. Flay

    Flay New Member

    Cheers! The fire is mostly a photo texture, so I can't claim credit for that. Not usually my style but it was part of the class

    50 minute study

  11. Flay

    Flay New Member

    Hey guys, had some health issues that prevented me from doing much art, but I'm back now!

    Currently I'm working through the fundamentals of lighting on Schoolism, here's exercise no. 2


    Crits appreciated, as always
  12. Flay

    Flay New Member

    Exercise 3 coming along, not sure how to take this one any further

    Note that I did NOT paint the background, and a ref was provided for the reflection

  13. Tindre

    Tindre New Member

    woah, those material/lighting paintings are looking sweet!
    I am glad you feel better and can work again :)

    Maybe there would be a bit more contrast between the items on the first one you did? I am not sure what you base these on, but it does feel a bit like they are melting together perhaps too much.

    On the second it does feel weird to see something so reflective but without a clear lightsource shining on it? But perhaps that iw how it works?

    Very inspiring, at any rate. Keep up the good work!
  14. Flay

    Flay New Member

    Yeah I agree with you, so I went back and took a second stab at that exercise. Also a second attempt at the first exercise, which I didn't post here.

    As far as I can tell that's how the reflections work, but I could definitely be wrong. If anyone has any pointers I'd be glad to hear them


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  15. Flay

    Flay New Member

    WIP of an attempt trying to paint a gold bracelet