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Elderscroller´s Scrolls of Sketches

Discussion in 'Sketchbooks' started by Elderscroller, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Nott the goblin girl and Caleb from Critical Role. As I started to listen to the second campaign while painting, I wanted to draw the characters. Jester will be next :) For anyone not familiar with critical role, here´s a link for the first episode:

  2. More character sketches from critical role: Jester and Beauregard

  3. This here is an example of a practice sketch where I had no idea what to draw. So staring at the blank paper, I did some anatomy practice, trying out what I remember about muscles. Next I changed the posture of the arms. I thought the guy should yell, because the sketch felt like he would :) After that, I had the feeling of it being too generic, so I changed the hair to some tentacles which caused him to become sort of a merman/human hybrid. Then I thought water would be cool, so the wave started to form and last I thought, hey, he could use some friends (that would also help with composition :) )

  4. Painted version of Jester from critical role

    jester web 02.jpg
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  5. Some slightly surreal sketching this time

  6. Trying to be a bit more loose in sketching. I just took a geometric form and turned it into a face. Not necessarily human...:)

  7. Naidy

    Naidy New Member

    I am really liking those last sketches with the face shapes. Your stuff is always solid but it's nice to see some extra experiments here and there, just to see how far you can push forms whilst still making it believable.

    I can see quite a few sketches with different expressions which are good, I love the laughing Jester though I can see that the expression felt more believable in the sketch form (I think it's always the way unfortunately!) Her eyes still are definitely smiling but I think somewhere with the mouth it's not quite conveying the laugh out loud joy thing.

    Either way, always a joy looking through your sketchbook. Hope to see more soon. :D
  8. @Naidy: Thanks! Yes sketches tend to lose some dynamic when painted, I see that a lot, not only with my stuff, even with more seasoned painters. I guess it might help to exaggerate a sketch even more, so you don´t lose all the dynamic goodiness in pose and expression

    Some more commonly face doodles:

  9. Just practice today, no doodling. First is anatomy practice (3 from imagination, 1 study) with basic shading and the second one is shape design practice. It´s the same as with the faces earlier, but for characters. So basically pick a shape (triangle and a tapering rectangle in this case), draw it and create a character from it, trying to stick close to the base shape.

    827.jpg 828.jpg
  10. Felt like I need to draw a harpy....

  11. Lots of eyes in this update.....

  12. Concepts of opposite characters

  13. Doodling silly stuff

    832.jpg 833.jpg
  14. Doodling faces, trying to go into a more caricature-ish style and that guy suddenly ends up being a convict....

    convict web.jpg
  15. Painting practice and pencil doodling, also trying out a cartoonish look

    834.jpg 835.jpg
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  16. Portrait sketching

    forest girl_web.jpg
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  17. Imbalantus

    Imbalantus Member

    Wow, very good improvement. Both in pencil and colour.

    I think as a next step maybe try to think more analytically about forms, especially think of forms as planes more and then maybe try to simplify shading in the drawing and painting based on that. Also good to see that you're using more texture lately. It's really worth exploring also in figures/portraits, because it gives more kick/drama/dynamics to the painting and you're solving some painting problems automatically without even trying. But then again I'm biased toward the fine art painting kind of look. ;)

    What are the areas where you personally think you need to improve?
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  18. @Imbalantus: Thanks a lot! I agree with all your statements.
    Regarding what I think, I need to improve upon, I have a bit more to say :)
    As I´m somewhat of a perfectionist, I tend to want improvement in every aspect of painting as I´m never completely satisfied myself. But to add more self-reflection to my improvement, I started to write down my weaknesses and check them every few months to correct/add or hopefully scratch some.
    Often the problem is to really define a weakness for oneself. Yes of course things like anatomy, proportions etc. always need to be improved, but I found that the things one would considered as a weakness are those that make you feel slightly uncomfortable, even for a brief moment. So I mentally try to imagine, I´m in the situation where someone asks me to draw/paint something specific right now and without reference, for instance, a face or a figure with a certain pose. I go through a lot of these situations and wherever I cringe for a moment or I have doubts, I write that down as a weakness. Your subconscious knows what your brain fully understood and what it still needs to improve upon. When finding these uncomfortable subjects, I start studying them.
    The trickier weaknesses are those, where you think you got it, but actually you don´t, because you can´t see them for yourself any more. Very dangerous these are! The only thing that helps here is an outside view of someone else with constructive criticism. I tend to make my hands too small and limbs too thin. I still do sometimes, but I wasn´t aware until someone mentioned it.
    So for things I think, I need improvement, I would say definitely better lighting (in sketches I rarely do full blown lighting, more of a basic thing), clearer separation of light and shadow (clearer terminator and better showing forms as you mentioned), I would need better edge control as it is hugely important and I need to be more loose in painting, especially when doing finished paintings. Here my perfectionism gets in the way, I want to clean up everything and try to polish it all, but in the end, I find it a bit too digital looking. Someone like Darek Zabrocki handles that to a real masters level. Some of his paintings really just hint at certain things, but they are clearly recognisable anyway. My value grouping also needs to improve a bit and of course the basics need constant working :) But that last bit I don´t consider a weakness as it is something that most artists work on their whole lives.

    Some portrait sketching, enhancing it with reference afterwards

    portrait woman web.jpg
  19. Some paladin (I will paint a paladin propaganda poster in th near future) and some faces that turned into popeye and olive oil while drawing

  20. An RPG situation of my latest RPG session: fighting the cliche ratswarm :) An some sort of allegory of seamanship