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Elderscroller´s Scrolls of Sketches

Discussion in 'Sketchbooks' started by Elderscroller, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Elderscroller

    Elderscroller Active Member

    I feel right at home here :) Thanks for all who created this forum to replace permanoobs!

    So let´s start with the first thread here:

    The painting sketch below was done in watercolour and gouache. I first applied a watercolour wash, establishing the colour palette, going darker with watercolours as the next step and finishing with gouache. I want to do more practice sketches with gouache as it is a nice medium that can even be reactivated with water after some time.
    I´m also planning to do more plein air with it. I always admired James Gurney´s homemade sketch easel, so I´m trying to build one myself. Frankly not an easy task where I live, as the components are partially hard to come by as it turned out....Spent a week looking online and ordering as our local homestores really have no clue at all what I´m talking about when I want a tee nut 1/4 inch or a torque with adjustable friction.....

    768.jpg 769.jpg

    Some older sketch stuff:

    755.jpg 761.jpg
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  2. Andrea

    Andrea Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Elderscroller ! Welcome to Sketchlab ! ^^
    I remember your art from perma, glad you registered !

    These look great, especially the sketchbook pages, good scale and proportions. I just started using gouache too, still just learning it, also inspired by Gurney and Nathan Fawkes ofc. Have you thought about doing virtual plain air?
  3. Coffee

    Coffee Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to Sketchlab @Elderscroller
    Congrats on being the first one except us admins who made a new thread :D

    Your art looks great, just like @Andrea said already.

    About replacing Permanoobs; our plans start where perma ended
    Looking forward to seeing more updated from you.

    I hope you like how the uploader works here and how easy it is
  4. Elderscroller

    Elderscroller Active Member

    @Andrea + Shu: Thanks to both of you. Couldn´t resist starting a sketchbook, when I saw that none where here yet ;)
    @ Andrea: I´ve done some virtual plein air and I enjoy it, as you can find lots of really great places, but I feel, I learn more when painting from real life as it trains me to first translate from 3D to 2D, something a photo/monitor has already done for me. James Gurney´s plein air sketches are really inspiring and me wants to do that and be as good as him....well, a man can dream :)
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  5. Vannn

    Vannn Member

    I've got some catching up to do! Very nice first post. I was wondering if you had any particular goals of what you wanted to do with your drawing? I see a lot of fantasy art, illustration?
  6. Elderscroller

    Elderscroller Active Member

    Thanks! Well first goal is to get as good as I possibly can (though you never really stop learning, so this is not a goal with an end :) ) I would like to go the illustration route as I´ve done some of that already, but I would also like to do a bit of concept arts as I like designing things as well
  7. FickleFlame

    FickleFlame Member

    Hey! I liked your perma sketchbook, I look forwards to liking this one!
  8. Naidy

    Naidy New Member

    I recognise that style anywhere! Hey man, good to see you're on here too.

    Always love those traditional sketches, like I know I've said before, they've got that old school vibe to them I don't see enough! Hope to see more soon. :D
  9. Elderscroller

    Elderscroller Active Member

    @FickleFlame @Naidy: Great to see more people coming from permanoobs here and thanks very much for liking my stuff. More will come soon :)
  10. Elderscroller

    Elderscroller Active Member

    Been on holiday for the last almost 2 weeks and I didn´t actually get to draw much. Next to nothing...so getting back into routine feels really strange as I haven´t been away from drawing for such a long time since I started to draw :) Pose on the right is awful....

  11. Vannn

    Vannn Member

    Is the photo tilted or is she standing in a contrapposto?
  12. Elderscroller

    Elderscroller Active Member

  13. Elderscroller

    Elderscroller Active Member

    Sketching is normalising after the long break...Drawing some guy and a couple of classic movie monsters

  14. danielcotter

    danielcotter Administrator Staff Member

    Really digging these pencils man! I've got one crit that I think will totally boooost them to the next level:

    Right now all your local values are almost the same! the boots on the last guy for instance, same overall value as his skin. His cape is looking a little darker, but still in the highlights you're going totally paper white, which doesn't happen on dark fabric.

    here's a quick overpaint to show you what I mean

    if you really establish a local value on each of your materials right after you're done with the lines and before you go in and start rendering I think it could help a lot. Really excited to see more from you, great job so far!
  15. Elderscroller

    Elderscroller Active Member

    Thanks very much! Admit it, you´ve seen the video by Tyler Edlin lately about that exact subject ;) :

    You´re of course absolutely right about that. I sometimes try to slightly do that when sketching, but it could be pushed lots more.
  16. danielcotter

    danielcotter Administrator Staff Member

    haha! that's a crazy coincidence, I honestly hadn't seen it. The real reason is that I'm trying to push the pencils myself, and I remember this being a problem at one point and then realizing it and seeing major improvement all of a sudden. This next crit I have for ya is something I really struggle with myself and have recently taken upon me to really fix:

    Having a balanced figure. Now this one's really hard in pencil, you can't warp your lines around or any of that digital trickery. I've flipped your image so you can really get a feel for what I'm talking about, with a fresh eye.

    For the longest time, I really had no idea how to fix this and I've been drawing ALL my figures just standing up straight like this (check my sketchbook thread, to see what I mean) for the past few months. It's kinda hard to get a feel for, but here are a few tips I can give you to nail your balance first try:

    -Always start with the torso and pelvis, this will determine 95% of how well balanced your figure is.
    -Make sure the torso is slightly tilted back over the pelvis, there is a really strong natural S curve in the back that can be felt no matter what angle the figure is drawn in
    -The other 5% is in the legs, while you draw them constantly have the "center of mass" of the whole figure in mind. I will literally just draw them as lines first in order to get them accurate. If you've established the torso and pelvis right, the legs shouldn't be too hard, so really make sure the torso is balanced first!
    -Arms and head are pretty much irrelevant in the regular standing pose but if you tilt the head back, slightly I feel it can really help make things look natural.
    -From time to time imagine a straight line through the center of your figure (the green line I drew) make sure there's 50% mass on one side and 50% on the other. This is basically what it all comes down too. But I find this alone to be too hard to calculate as I draw, so I mostly rely on the other tips above, and use this just to "check" if it's balanced as I go.

    I hope that made sense and is of some help. Like I said I've got this same problem and I'm really trying to figure it out so it's all fresh in my mind! again, I really love your pencils, those are the only two things I can see right now, the rest is juicy as hell, can't wait to see more!
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  17. Elderscroller

    Elderscroller Active Member

    @cotterdude: Thanks very much for your insight, it´s very much appreciated! Keeping the balance in pencils is really hard, as you said, you can´t warp stuff around. I usually start with the head when drawing (something you usually shouldn´t do :) ) I´ll try to shift more to torso/pelvis first.

    One tip for people who draw lots on the go (I usually sit somewhere where I don´t have a proper setup, just my sketchbook, some pencils and basic gear): you can add a small mirror to your equipment to check if you made any mistakes (sure 99.9% of you all know that), but it is way better to just take a photo with your phone and flip it. You see lots more than in a mirror. (I guess 99.5% of you also knew this so just ignore, if you did. If not, cry out: YEY, I learnt something! :) )
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  18. Elderscroller

    Elderscroller Active Member

    Small update with a gouache sketch from a beach near Dunnotar castle in Scotland

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  19. Elderscroller

    Elderscroller Active Member

    Some stuff I´m working on for a demon book for a RPG called Arx Temporis (unpublished yet). These demonic items can be summoned from a chaotic mass and shaped into whatever you like. There is a demonic bag of holding with a link to another dimension to store stuff, a chaos beast, a demonic armor and a demonic sword.
    All is made from living tissue and suppossed to evoke disgust from the summoner,because the demonic mass feeds off of it.
    All concepts are WIP except for sword and armor

    Artefaktbeutel2.jpg chaosbestie2.jpg Rüstung2.jpg Schwert2.jpg
  20. danielcotter

    danielcotter Administrator Staff Member

    Very cool! really diggin' the eyeball designs, they're looking solid. Reminds me a bit of bloodborne. Did you use daz for the first one?

    The mirror trick is the best for sure! I'm always too lazy to flip pictures on my phone though haha, I keep forgetting how to do it. I find it really hard to start a long imaginative drawing if I'm not in a really comfortable spot (home haha) so usually I use a bigger mirror at home when I'm doing the first stages of the drawing. Then once I have something a little more solid to go off of I'll be okay with venturing outside and not having to look awkward holding up a mirror and stuff or getting really frustrated 'cause I can't figure a certain part of the drawing out and someone is trying to talk to me at the same time. I really struggle with that sort of stuff a lot, pencils are sohardman:'( That being said, I'm excited to see more of your pencils 8D. keep it up