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Advice On Methods Of Learning?

Discussion in 'Critique' started by Adam, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Adam

    Adam New Member

    Most of us here are Autodidacts and some of you guys here are working professionals in the industry. I just wanted to know what your journey has been like and how you've done to improve and get better at specific fundamentals. E.g. Values, Composition, Gesture, perspective and also what has/has not worked for you.

    Here is a google drive link that contains my art folder in which I've attempted to record all my art since 2012

    ART - Google Drive

    My primary goal would be to do consistent character illustrations and the secondary goal would be learning to create environments also.

    I need an unbiased fresh experienced eye to tell me what im doing wrong and what im doing right. And in which areas do i need to improve?

    If you guys could advise on which methods of learning I should employ, schedules or routines, focused study, subjects in which I can improve my art anything that's a bit more structured than just random experimentation which is what I've been doing recently.

    ps- any material that has helped you, video tutorials, lectures, online education, gumroads etc.

    Thanks you for your help and time.
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  2. AEBL

    AEBL Active Member

    Ah, learning how to learn. Sadly we can hand over all of our tips and pointers, but only you know how you learn best. That being said, my advise to you is to first narrow down what method of learning is your strongest - follow suit. Combine other comforting methods of learning and create your own curriculum based on these methods.

    For example, I'm a logical and aural learner. I can better visualize something if I can hear it, and will then lay it down in a logical step for step manner. Of course, like the majority of us here, I am a strong visual learner as well.

    According to pop-neurology there are seven learning styles:


    It is quite a popular concept. Look it up if necessary and Let us know how you learn best. Happy to provide you with anything I have based on your learning style. Good luck!