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Looking For A Direction Plan

Discussion in 'Art Talk' started by Leaniv, Dec 26, 2018.

  1. Leaniv

    Leaniv New Member

    It took me a while to understand what was wrong with my approach in learning: it lacked not only of focus,but also an plan, a direction, a set of steps required to reach such objective. This insight started after the reading of the books "The Shallows" and "Deep Work",and how much time i already wasted

    My main objective is to become a character designer, with a knowledge in 3D modeling/animation,mostly for gaming, with also some knowledge of prop and building design.

    I need help to create a path to follow, which skills on what order need to be learned,because im totally lost in the huge amount of various skill needed to proceed.

    So i wanted to ask to all of you:What steps did you follow to reach this level of skill?
    what you prioritize in learning? there was a step by step learning of skills or just what was needed in the moment?

    (i hope is clear what i mean,im not exactly sure how to express my idea)