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Kai's Sketchbook

Discussion in 'Sketchbooks' started by Kai, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. Kai

    Kai Member

    Well I kept waiting for that *ahem* other sketchbook site to come back to make it easier to post on both but oh well.

    Posting all of this out of order, but except for a couple of pictures I did beforehand, most of these were exercises for a mentorship. I think having some idea of what to do for studies helped me focus a lot better. got4.jpg lk.jpg got5.jpg got2.jpg stef.jpg lights.jpg light3.jpg light2.jpg light1.jpg photosg.jpg brushphoots.jpg sargent2.jpg mate.jpg stillife.jpg arche.jpg figs.gif trashfix.jpg skyships-finished.jpg 10-minute-6.jpg 10-minute-7.jpg 10-minute-5.jpg

    Attached Files:

  2. Kai

    Kai Member

    jennpack20.jpg rebellion.jpg 20min.jpg ladies.jpg stupids.jpg egwene.jpg jane.jpg
  3. Kai

    Kai Member

    still2.jpg rusthumbs.jpg lbx.jpg lbx2.jpg morj.jpg khdgd.jpg morjesketch3.jpg rusalje.jpg thestupid.jpg morje35.jpg turnaroundsr.jpg max1.jpg morjenewsketchf.jpg morjenew36.jpg inktober.jpg
  4. Kai

    Kai Member

    buttface3.jpg fleshmagister.jpg morjenewfin3.jpg morjenew2.gif glad.jpg andrej3.jpg
  5. Ubem

    Ubem Member

    Great work, keep it up! Maybe try using more soft edges on the turning forms, some round areas look a little sharp.
  6. Kai

    Kai Member

    Thanks Ubem! I need to work more on edges in the near future.

    andrejsketches.jpg mirk3.jpg zyd0.jpg his.jpg elf.jpg adljas.jpg andrejanna2.jpg andprog1.gif