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Kai's Sketchbook

Discussion in 'Sketchbooks' started by Kai, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. Kai

    Kai Member

    More assorted studies, some sketches for a friend's project and a challenge, OC nonsense and fanart. I'm starting to feel like maybe I post too much garbage but it feels empty without all the dumb fanart and sketches. studies16.jpg studies17.jpg studies18.jpg studies19.jpg studies20.jpg bst29-kaistevens.jpg dndcharacter.jpg thisasshole.jpg boy.jpg pearlmed.jpg lotor2.jpg yoboi.jpg
  2. Whymrwho

    Whymrwho Member

    Damn you making feel lazy as fuck, love your figure drawing collection!Cant wait to see more!
  3. Kai

    Kai Member

    Thanks, Whymrwho, but really my secret for big art batches is just forgetting to post for very long periods. Whoops.

    studies22.jpg studies21.jpg studies23.jpg imagination1.jpg watercolor4.jpg watercolor3.jpg watercolor2.jpg watercolor1.jpg inktober2.jpg inktober1.jpg inktober3.jpg kvuf.jpg iyfkuv.jpg Untitled-1jg.jpg iyx.jpg pl.jpg 64.jpg value.jpg values3.jpg zyd2.jpg 68.jpg honerva.jpg allura.jpg

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  4. Darlene

    Darlene Member

    I love your work and I think you're going in a great direction! I know what you meant when you said you rendered like crazy to cover mistakes! I was doing the exact same thing before last week. But, then I found these awesome "10 minutes to better painting" videos by Marco Bucci on youtube, and these videos helped me to focus on what was important in my own paintings.

    I was missing "shapes", mostly. My shapes were vague, and uncertain. And it's a really simple idea, which never really clicked until now, because I would see, and read, and hear other artists saying that they were "finding shapes" in their piece, never truly knowing, that that's just literally what they meant.

    Looking at everything and being able to just translate it into an overall silhouetted merged shapes. Also, staying in the planning stages of a painting for a long while seems to be so, so important. I think it's the hardest part, though.

    Anyway, I highly recommend Marco Bucci's videos if you're interested. They're quick and to the point. :D

    Keep going! :D
  5. Kai

    Kai Member

    Thanks! I've been following along on a schoolism course that was big on shapes lately and it's something that's been on my mind a lot, so it's nice to have some more resources to watch.

    25.jpg studies6.jpg lj.jpg wit.jpg olj.jpg dumb.jpg colo.jpg imagination2.jpg
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  6. Kai

    Kai Member

    Not a lot of stuff this week but here's an upload to keep me updating regularly all the same.

    studies7.jpg selfiefixed.jpg emese.jpg emese2.jpg variants.jpg emese5.jpg bitch4.jpg
  7. Kai

    Kai Member

    gotta keep the posting up

    studies9.png jonesvalues.jpg studies8.jpg lgog.jpg values4.jpg 2more.jpg emese-final.jpg
  8. Kai

    Kai Member

    Been sick, I'll have to track down the pencil stuff I did in this time for the next post. Just a few bs portraits to play with different rendering styles. yeahboi2.png shittonofeyes.png ehboy.jpg
  9. Kai

    Kai Member

    Still not a lot of stuff but trying to keep myself accountable

    bad.jpg bad2.jpg bst33-kaistevens.jpg charactersketch.jpg
  10. Kai

    Kai Member

    Back to value studies from masters and photos. Trying some stuff that didn't really work in them well to figure out why they don't. Playing with OC doodles from imagination, I feel like something's finally clicked about lighting and edges for me on these. At the very least I'm faster with them than before.

    values5.jpg kb.jpg values6.jpg 'jb.jpg portrait.jpg oc1.jpg oc2.jpg
  11. Kai

    Kai Member

    small update for now. trying to do these freehand on paper because I get too bogged down in digital tools and using a ruler and the more I do that the less I end up actually pushing myself.

  12. Kai

    Kai Member

    Not gonna have any time for a while until after the move unless I stop doing overtime so just finding some small stuff I missed last week mostly. A sketch I kept painting to show photoshop to folks over the holidays, some attempts at values from imagination, and a 30 minute study.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. Kai

    Kai Member

    Some fanart nonsense for kingdom hearts and then a bunch of personal stuff

    rikudoodle.jpg fava.jpg finvi.jpg fgula.jpg faced.jpg emesethumb.jpg fira.jpg andrej1.jpg emesemaybefin.jpg thumbs1.jpg andrejdesign1.jpg andrejdesignlines.jpg andrejnew.jpg elonyspring1.jpg

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  14. Kai

    Kai Member

    elonyspring2.jpg thumbsduke.jpg dukeyumb.jpg witches.jpg witchthumbs.jpg witches69.jpg
  15. Kai

    Kai Member

    The first one is from a zine from the end of last year that I forgot to post, small corrections to the forest painting, and a new couple of ones I'm working on.

    working8.jpg witches71.jpg miss2.jpg czernobitch.jpg czernolines.jpg duke42.jpg soldiersketch.jpg soldierthumb2.jpg soldierlines.jpg soldier32.jpg
  16. Kai

    Kai Member

    Another portfolio piece and a couple studies soldier7.jpg ,nvkhf.jpg kfkglg.jpg lvkcuz.jpg kfjdhsjd.jpg kgxgjxits.jpg ljclhoud.jpg
  17. Kai

    Kai Member

    A couple of attempts at buildings without using selections and a lighting study and a new painting

    studybuu.jpg koojvdd.jpg kea.jpg will45.jpg