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Introducing Lets.ink Integration + Faqs

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Coffee, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. Coffee

    Coffee Administrator Staff Member


    I'm sure some of you have already noticed the link in the navigation taking you to the sister project named Lets.ink. This thread will contain all the important information and piece of news that happened today.

    What is Lets.ink?
    Lets.ink is just an image sharing website aimed to be used by artists. Especially by the members of Sketchlab. This is just an add-on to already independent forum and it's free to join by anyone. It is 100% responsive and compatible with any device supporting HTML5.

    Why do I need a separate account on Lets.ink?
    Lets.ink is an independent service and can be used however you want.
    All images uploaded are private by default but they can be accessed if someone has the direct links. This can be changed to user's preference in settings.

    What can I use Lets.ink for?
    Lets.ink support JPG, PNG, BMP & GIF file formats with the maximum file size of 128MB. Considering most images are 2~3mb each and Hi-Res photographs are 10~14mb each, the limit should be more than enough.

    I don't see any ads, How do you plan on sustaining this service in future?
    There are no ads, Lets.ink's servers have been paid off for a full year in advance. When the time comes and I need to upgrade or renew the service, I will try to take it from my own pocket and if the time is tough for me, I might rely on public donations. That being said, the service is here to stay, just like Sketchlab.

    Where can I use Lets.ink? Is my data safe?
    You can use this service however you want and where ever you want. There are no limits on how much and what you can upload. You can use it to upload images here at Sketchlab or share galleries with your friends and family or even use it to host galleries and share with potential clients. Hotlinking is allowed.
    Yes, your data is safe as it's backed up daily on another server. All the images are private unless shared so you can have truly private albums for personal use

    How can I use Lets.ink and Sketclab together?
    Find a button saying "Upload images" under the text editor and login/register on lets.ink and it'll auto paste your images as soon as they are uploaded

    So does that mean I should not use attachment feature?
    Not at all. This is just a faster way to upload images and automatically add them to your post. Works both on PC and Mobile

    Go ahead and give it a shot.

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