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Crankshaft's Sb

Discussion in 'Sketchbooks' started by crankshaft, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. crankshaft

    crankshaft Member

    Hey guys it's Cranky from permanoobs. I'm a complete noob at painting/drawing and I like anything mechanical related. Some of my best work:

    cu3.jpg tank cp close up.jpg rear may 16 hi res.jpg tank ca mar 22.jpg mech ca.jpg
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  2. crankshaft

    crankshaft Member

    Some recent stuff. Since I'm getting closer to finishing the environment I'm going back to some old wips.

    ana aug 18.jpg env aug 18.jpg frt cont aug 18.jpg side  cont aug 18.jpg kb aug 18.jpg ana aug 13.jpg
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  3. AEBL

    AEBL Active Member

    That wee perturbed face has made my day haha. Your designs are very lovely to get lost in.
  4. Andrea

    Andrea Administrator Staff Member

    Hey, welcome to Sketchlab !
    Some mach design yes, we definitely need these to be represented here :) what is your process for a finished sheet ?
  5. crankshaft

    crankshaft Member

    Updates. Mocked a quick bg for the ship.

    Did some gestures. I have lots more but this is the only presentable one. I'm convinced that gesture is black magic that only a few can understand.

    I've been looking at a lot of machinery so I wanted to apply their shapes and proportions in these rough sketches. Mainly focused on quick idea generation and shapes.

    ana aug 19.jpg ana aug 23.jpg aug 25 g1.jpg env aug 26.jpg guy arm fail aug 19.jpg kb aug 26.jpg legs aug 19.jpg s1 au 25.jpg s2 au 25.jpg s3 au 25.jpg s4 au 25.jpg s5 au 25.jpg s6 au 25.jpg s7 au 25.jpg
  6. crankshaft

    crankshaft Member

    Thanks man! My anatomy needs a lot of work. I realized that a lot of the muscles don't have proper insertions or origins.

    Thanks man! I don't really understand what you mean by finished sheet. But my process atm is rather haphazard as I'm constantly learning how to learn. Ie Try out different techniques such as kit bashing. I'm now learning 3d so I'm trying to incorporate that into my workflow. Or do you mean how I come up with designs from imagination?
  7. FickleFlame

    FickleFlame Member

    Hi! Glad to see you on here :D

    Here's a challenge for you so you can up your game, take a look at this guys stuff and try and match the quality.
    With enough man hours and the right attitude, I don't think it's beyond your reach (just a lot of work!).
    Show me what you got!
  8. Andrea

    Andrea Administrator Staff Member

    oh what I meant is how do you finish the 3D model, how do you add texture or make the lineart ,etc
  9. crankshaft

    crankshaft Member

    Thanks man! His stuff is great! Space is always interesting. Unfortunately at my rate it's going to take me 100 years before I become a professional.

    Thanks Andrea for the question! For the previous 3d models I overlaid photo textures via cg textures in photoshop. It's a slow tedious process and I don't like uv unwrapping either (too technical and inocrganic). I'm thinking I might have to learn substance painter or something bc my models are becoming too cumbersome to hand paint.

    Regarding line art I'll do very fast sketches (like what I've already posted) but rarely do I go any farther than that. It's too tedious and hard to see good shapes via lines and it's much faster to jump into 3d/painting. I love line drawings and could talk about them more but they're too inefficient for design. They are good for building your visual library when studying from photos through. Any more questions about hard surface simply fire away!
  10. crankshaft

    crankshaft Member

    Updates. Getting back to some old wips now that my environment is almost done.

    Resumed my cg cookie subscription. Stylized plane wip. I love 3d! I love modeling!

    cg sept 1.jpg

    Dart ship wip. Still lots of cleaning up up edges. Looking forward to creating a logo for it :p

    kb spet 1.jpg

    Environment. No more big projects for a while after this >< This one really pushed me beyond my comfort zone.

    env sept 1.jpg

    Sketches. Trying figure out what shapes to put for the back of my sci fi truck trailer. It's driving me bonkers. Still not happy with the shapes.

    Some specs going thru my head : I want a modular look, with some switches, like a utility panel. Some pipes and tanks need to be included.

    sept 1 s1.jpg sept 1 s2.jpg sept 1 s3.jpg

    Sci fi truck trailer wip. It's a container that transports and monitors hazardous specimens. Not too much design purpose or direction yet. In the past I would waste time over planning things so now I'm trying to work more organically.

    The front.

    container frt sept 1.jpg

    The back >< Shapes too broken up. Needs work.

    container 2 back sept 1.jpg

    Anatomy. Trying to learn the proper insertion/origin thingies of the muscles. I realized I treated the figure more like a mannequin than a human being.

    sept 1 a1.jpg sept 1 a2.jpg
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  11. crankshaft

    crankshaft Member

    After the kit bash ship I'm going to do a 2017 of my favorite car, the 1986 Toyota Corolla Trueno. So I'm testing out some renders in the meanwhile. The model is from the Sketchup warehouse (not mine) and I'll be kit bashing over it. Pretty amazing models people have uploaded there so there's not point in doing things from scratch. Shaddy Safari said that you should use whatever technique is fastest. Or I might just paint over a photo.

    ae 2.jpg ae.jpg side ae86.jpg
  12. crankshaft

    crankshaft Member

    Finally figured out what shapes to use for the back of the trailer. Also some of the refs being used. They're more for inspiration and shapes than actual reference.

    back 2.jpg ref 3 container.jpg ref fence 2.jpg sept 3 s1.jpg sept 3 s2.jpg sept 4 s 1.jpg sept 4 s2.jpg sept 4 s3.jpg
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  13. crankshaft

    crankshaft Member

    Finally finished the environment! (Or as best I can) Went thru a lot of problem solving and I learned a lot from it. Still, comparing it to the where I started I still don't feel like I made much progress.

    drag head.jpg enivron june 25.jpg env sept 4.jpg stone 1.jpg stone 2.jpg
  14. crankshaft

    crankshaft Member

    Disaster. sept 3 a 1.jpg sept 3 a 2.jpg
  15. crankshaft

    crankshaft Member

    Updates. Finally finished my kit bashed dart ship! My focus here was on design process, such as iterating faster, understanding my ideas/shapes, working more organically (both shape wise and process), learning how to kit bash and more.

    kb spet 7.jpg

    cu 1 kb.jpg cu 2 kb.jpg cu 3 kb.jpg

    Also came up with a useless logo. I decided to give it a feminine touch to push the contrast and back-story. Sakuras is the cherry blossom tree in Japan and the ship's shapes contain flower like shapes. But they're sharp hence "cutting edge beauty." So the ship is beautiful and aggressive. Super fun!


    Where it started. No progress what so ever. Very frustrating.


    Also did a rough mockup in sketchup bc to help with mirroring the wings. Understanding the overlapping was just awful and all the perspective was educated guessing with some guidelines.

    test 2.jpg test.jpg
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  16. Andrea

    Andrea Administrator Staff Member

    huh Im trying to catch up with sketchbooks, you upload like crazy :D
    this last model on the finished version somehow feels weird for me, like a plastic toy on the table. maybe some extra highlight and aerial perspective would help ?
  17. crankshaft

    crankshaft Member

    Updates. Nothing special, mainly just rough quick stuff. I want to refrain from big projects for the time being :p

    Worked on the wheels and struts.
    wheel plane.jpg

    Going to back to fundamental studies. Stole a plush from my sister:p Complete 180 from my usual stuff but that's why I'm doing it.
    bulb still life ref.jpg
    bulb still life.jpg

    Quick sketches. I do these to loosen up and build mileage bc everything I do is super long and technical.
    sept 10 s1.jpg
    sept 10 s3.jpg
    sept 10 s4.jpg
    sept 10 s5.jpg
    sept 10 s6.jpg
    spet 10 s2.jpg

    Lost the reference half way and it really shows.

    ana sept 9.jpg
    arms sept 9.jpg
  18. crankshaft

    crankshaft Member

    Thanks Andrea! Do you mean the car? I was testing it out in an ancient rendering software. Ironically I couldn't figure out how to make the materials shiny hence the plastic feel. :p What do you mean by aerial perspective? Do you mean tilting the camera so we see more of the top?
  19. crankshaft

    crankshaft Member

    Here's a little tutorial for you on building a visual library. Just focus on a pleasing arrangement of shapes first in 2d than cover that into 3d. Worry about function etc after. I could go on but here's a start:

    -Vary adjacent proportions and dimensions
    -Have contrast of shapes such as round and boxy
    -Have contrast of scale such as big and small
    -Vary your angles
    -Avoid equal divisions. Use odd ratios instead, like 70/30 of this or that etc.

    bk trailer sketch.jpg
    back trailer.jpg
  20. Enydimon

    Enydimon Member

    Hey Cranky, sorry I haven't gotten the chance to comment on your sb here. I'd feel like a lousy friend if I didn't bother to follow up on this forum too!

    Don't feel too bad about the illustration feeling like it didn't go very far from where it started. Sometimes a good chunk of the piece is spent rendering and figuring out how things work. By the end of the painting it can feel like everything should have been so much simpler to draw, and maybe in some cases that is true, but the fact is that sometimes it takes a lot of work to get to simplicity.

    Regarding the dart ship, I think you could have used vector curves for the trim instead of trying to incrementally use the line tool at different angles.

    Have you ever considered getting into 3D modelling as a career path instead of concept art? I'm not trying to convince you to quit anything, I think learning both are incredibly useful for each other actually. I only mention it because it seems like you have a lot of fun with it and aren't as hung up on the process.