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Blogs, Resource Sites, Anatomy Drawing Sites, Reference Sites And Such For Your Artistic Improvement

Discussion in 'References' started by SOFASTRANGLER, Aug 17, 2017.

  1. Hello, this forum thread contains a collection of resources and sites for your artistic improvement. May you find it helpfull as I have used a lot of time on this. You may add to this by submitting some of your own below this thread, but please do in a organized and tidy matter to make it more accessible and easy to go through for other artists.

    • Websites and blogs for learning about art
    • Youtube art channels
    • Twitch art channels
    • Digital figure drawing
    • Digital art tools and programs
    Websites and blogs for learning about art:

    Ctrl+paint's free video library
    This video library goes through the fundamentals of art with really good video production. The videos provide homework and are very deliberate and straightforward with information. A very good tool to become a better artist. He also has some paid content and posts weekly.

    James Gurney's blog
    Famous for his Dinotopia series and paleoart James Gunrey takes questions and make indepth blog posts about things in art. He also has two very good books James Gurney; Imaginative realism and James Gurney; Color and light that so many artists have in their shelf (including me!).

    This site has an endless sea of pictiures of normal everyday people for your character desings, character studies or clothing. The site is regurarly updated and has very high quality pictures.

    Not really a resource of information to get better as an artist, but a good site to sell commissions through.

    Youtube channels

    The youtube channel of the website mentioned earlier. Very good educational videos with very high video making skill.

    Sinix Design
    Makes good videos. Known for his design labs series and anatomy quick tips.

    James Gurney
    This guy is mentioned before as well with his awesome blog. Here is his great youtube channel where he shows a lot of speedpaints and such.

    Art talks
    A channel that talks about art concepts and art history. Very good syuff.

    Art vs. reality
    A documentary style channel that talks about the art world, history and the realities of contemporary art. Very good, very well made and pretty funny.

    Ahmed Aldoori
    A good educational channel. I think he also is a teacher at art center or something.

    Cesar Santos
    A more channel talking about more renaissance or old school ways of painting and such.

    FZD School
    Feng Zhu is a famous concept artist working on things like Star wars and Guild wars, now he has his own school in Singapore aswell as running this channel.

    Josh Foreman
    He did environment design stuff or something for games and in his channel he teach about sculpting and such.

    Art streams

    Björn Hurri; 30 min warm up
    Worked on a lot of games like Zero horizon dawn. At the same time as doing professional work he does a 30 min warm up stream every week day the whole year where he takes questions and talks about art stuff. He also has a 2 week challenge where he has a stream every 2 weeks to go through and give constructive critiques to the challenge submittions.

    These do a stream every Monday and Friday with their artist friends talking about all kinds of shit. Just recently last week they had a very cool interview with the one and only Even Mehl Amundsen.

    Digital figure drawing
    Digital art tools and programs
    • Pureref, A reference program which works like a window you can place reference images on while painting or drawing!
    This is it all! Hope it was helpfull^^ If you want more you can check out @Andrea 's thread that did the same thing, check it out here.
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  2. Coffee

    Coffee Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you for this resource @SOFASTRANGLER. Featured on the homepage and I fixed your title. Did some capitalization to make it look better :)
  3. Oh, awesome! Thank you :D
  4. Coffee

    Coffee Administrator Staff Member

    Just fixed permissions. you should be able to see it on the homepage now :)
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  5. Belza

    Belza Member

    Ohhhh, a lot of channels I have yet to discover. Thank you for this! :D
  6. Jana

    Jana New Member

    Can I suggest Bobby Chiu's channel for the YouTube section? His "Little Plant People" videos give a lot of advice in a short amount of time. He also holds a "ChiuStream" every week where he and the audience interview popular artist such as Nathan Fowkes.
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  7. A very good suggestion, and particurarly his Schoolism stuff where people like Even Mehl Amundsen contributes is a great place of learning. I'll add links for those going through the thread.

  8. N.M.Hume

    N.M.Hume New Member

    Ah, super helpful bundle of links, thank y'all kindly for putting 'em up on the homepage!
    I'll have to sift through a couple new names in my spare time, cheers~
  9. You are welcome! I am so glad you like it and find it usefull. :D
  10. Styxcolor

    Styxcolor Member

    Umm, I have a contribution as well.
    I'm one of the types who can't learn from the appearance of people very well, but always was overwhelmed by the information in medical textbooks or artist guides to anatomy.

    So I found these relatively simple courses for anatomy beginners. They're not perfect, but they're for free and there IS a measurable success in learning, because the course structure forces you to learn actively.

    Human Anatomy

    Most important muscles, but you have to look up meaning/explanation up yourself somewhere else:

    Anatomy of the extremities in depth (also contains nerves and arteries etc, but you can ignore any knowledge you don't need):
    Anatomy of the Extremities

    Basics of physiology (=how life works on a chemical level) (only if you are really interested in that):
    Anatomy and Physiology

    Probably covers everything, but needs quite some time to chew on:
    Anatomy & Physiology (Saladin)
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  11. @Styxcolor

    Great stuff! Thank you for your contribution. :D
  12. FickleFlame

    FickleFlame Member

    Here's a compiled list of resources done for level up. They never included permanoobs though despite saying they would xD

    Ctrl-paint and Feng-Zhu are the best imo.
  13. Thanatos Iruga

    Thanatos Iruga New Member

    Thank you so much, I'll bookmark it, so when i need, is just open this thread.
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  14. Awesome!
  15. Krazoa

    Krazoa New Member

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I've bookmarked the ones I want to focus on first C:
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  16. No problem! :D
  17. Tanaboon

    Tanaboon New Member

    Hi folks! I wanted to share an artist I follow. His name is Clint Cearly, and if you like MTG art, he's a great guy to follow.


    SWATCHES is creating art tutorials and challenges! | Patreon

    He does paintovers of his commissions from wizards of the coast. His YouTube channel isn't as updated as his patreon, but he puts out quality content.
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  18. Ambiguity

    Ambiguity New Member

    I imagine you don't want us to post links to indvidual tutorials right? I don't know if these are comprehensive enough for you, but here's a few blogs, posts, and channels that I know of:

    Brandon Dayton
    Former concept artist, an current comic book artist Brandon Dayton's YouTube channel. Contains a lot of art mentality advice, as well as some videos on fundamentals.

    Every Frame a Painting
    A film student's YouTube channel breaking down how various directors or movies tell a story, including things like composition.

    Griz and Norm's Tuesday Tips
    Tips on various things from composition to figure drawing, from 2 animation visdev artists.

    The Art Center Blog
    Various artists working primarily in animation sharing various insights on various subjects :).

    Babe Lab: Pinup Research and Development
    Paul Richards and others share their insights on all things pin-up. This is NSFW.

    Paul Richards' "Thumb War"
    Paul Richards shares his thoughts on thumbnailing and the importance of it.

    Paul Richards' "Hints and Hacks For Doing Conceptual Art in the Video Game Industry"
    Paul Richards shares....well the title is self explanatory :).

    PSG Art Tutorial
    Probably the most well known tutorial in conceptart circles. A crash course on all things "fundamental", but with an emphasis on painting light.

    Itchy Animation's "Light"
    A look at various lighting situations.

    If these last 2 are fine with you, I can post a lot more stuff btw. I hope these help someone.
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  19. Great stuff! Thank you! :D